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About us

At Columbus Bilingual Academy (CBA), we align our curriculum and educational plans with Ohio state standards, as well as our school’s individual initiatives to provide high quality student education. CBA develops an Individual Learning Plan for each student in order to ensure the best learning experience for all. A student’s Individual Learning Plan will be developed from the data provided in their Competency Portfolio; organized by the teacher. The goal of the Competency Portfolios and the Individual Learning Plan that follows is to assess academic and personal strengths and weaknesses in order to establish solutions that will lead to student growth. We highly encourage each student to work with their advisor or parents/guardians to develop and track their own Personal Plan for Progress that might include:

  • Reflections on personal aspirations and an academic strategy that may lead to reaching those goals.
  • A review of personal learning style preferences
  • Areas of strength and areas for improvement
  • Specific portfolio items that demonstrate accomplishment and progress of goals.

Later this year, CBA will be utilizing a new competency portfolio application called Compendium.  This application will be used by teachers, students, and parents in order to track each student’s progress.  Teachers will also be able to upload their individual scores along with scores from state assessments into the application.  Students will use Compendium to track their own individual progress, create academic goals, and  connect with other students.We utilize NWEA, BuckleDown and OAA assessments as well as a variety of other assessment tools to continuously measure student growth. To learn more about NWEA, Buckle Down Ohio, and OAA Assessment testing please follow these links:
Buckle Down Ohio
OAA Statewide Testing

To view state of Ohio academic standards click  Ohio Academic Standards

Mission and Vision


Helping students with educational difficulties, language barriers, cultural misconceptions and environmental obscurities in meeting educational goals, social skills and cultural awareness.


To become the top rated educator in the community of academies that educate under achieved students who have difficulty adjusting to the educational system’s learning style based on language barriers and cultural misunderstanding.


The five priority objectives for the Columbus Bilingual Academy:

  • Student Learning - Each student will significantly increase their pace of learning and exceed grade level knowledge in all core subject areas and proficiency in Spanish.
  • Student Skill Development - Each student will build effective personal, interpersonal and higher order thinking skills.
  • Student Safety - Each student will learn to promote a safe and secure school environment through effective leadership and self-discipline skills.
  • Community Impact - A broad base of parents and community leaders will significantly increase their involvement at the school level. A broad base of students will increase their involvement at the community level.
  • Effecient Operations - The finance and operations necessary to support the school’s operations will be a model for other traditional and community public schools.


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